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3 Things you need to know before purchasing your vacation home

Written by Jason Nelson on December 28, 2015
5 Reasons Buying a House in Navarre, FL is a Good Idea

When someone is at that point in life where he can finally afford to buy a vacation home, considering a few things is critically important to make the right decision. And here we’re not talking about the type of home he should purchase but about all the financial aspects that can turn his life upside […]

A Breakdown of Potential Home Buying Fees You Didn’t Expect

Written by Jason Nelson on December 15, 2015
Mortgage Rates

  Purchasing a home is a stressful and somewhat difficult process. Unexpected home buying fees can add to the complexity of the situation and create a bigger financial burden than was originally planned for. That’s why it’s important to prepare for these potential fees before reaching the closing table.

Discount Points Will Lower Your Mortgage Payment

Written by Jason Nelson on May 29, 2015
discount points

Defined as a form or prepaid interest, discount points, or mortgage points, allow consumers to get a lower rate on a fixed-rate mortgage. This indirectly means that mortgage points and interest rates are inversely proportional, each discount point paid lowering the rate by 0.25 percent. Discount points should not be confused with origination points, which […]

Should You Pay Discount Points On Your Home Loan?

Written by Jason Nelson on May 28, 2015
discount points

Anyone thinking about getting a home loan wants a low interest rate, but not everyone will qualify for one. Assuming that the lender doesn’t want to negotiate a lower rate, there’s one more option borrowers should know about: discount points, also referred to as mortgage points. What Are Discount Points? Defined as a fee a […]