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Why is 20% Equity So Important For Mortgages

Written by Jason Nelson on November 19, 2018
20% Equity

A look back in time helps us explain today’s equity rules and the rules that apply to mortgage insurance today. History Prior to the mid 1970’s, banks were the primary provider of home mortgages. Banks required the buyer to have a 20% equity or down payment. They estimated that if they had to foreclose on […]

What Self Employed Borrowers Need To Know About Refinancing

Written by Jason Nelson on November 6, 2018
self employed borrower

Congratulations on being Self-Employed! You have the very best boss in the world – you. Setting your own schedule, picking when you want to work are all great ways to give you control and flexibility in your busy life. Being self-employed, however, presents some challenges in the financial world. It’s not enough to just work […]

Tiny House Financing – What You Need to Know

Written by Jason Nelson on October 24, 2018
Tiny House

Purchasing a Tiny House has many advantages. Move-in ready, Smaller space providing less maintenance, and price – as compared to a traditional dwelling – are why some people are finding this to be an attractive alternative. But that lower purchase price also presents some challenges – financing. Most lenders have a minimum loan amount. Tiny […]

When Should You Refinance Your Mortgage

Written by Jason Nelson on October 4, 2018
Refinance Your Home

We’ve all heard “The Rule”: If you can lower your interest rate by 2 percent, you should refinance. BUT –  that’s not a great idea. Initially, it may sound like good advice, but let’s take a closer look. Future Plans Timing is important. If your near-future plans are to move, it would not be in […]

10 Tips To Help You Become a Savvy Mortgage Shopper

Written by Jason Nelson on September 20, 2018
10 Tips To Help You Become a Savvy Mortgage Shopper

A home purchase is likely to be THE most expensive item you will ever buy. Shopping for the best mortgage is key to a comfortable mortgage payment and a home you will enjoy. It takes some preparation BEFORE you go shopping. Know your Credit Score Why are scores important? Since credit scores influence your interest […]