5 Ways a VA Loan Makes Home Ownership Easy

Written by Jason Nelson on December 20, 2017
VA loan

The VA Loan program offers government-backed loans laden with benefits that offer homeownership to veterans who may struggle to obtain financing otherwise. However, it’s important to know, the Veterans Administration does not lend financing directly to individuals. They do, however, guarantee a portion of the payments to the lender, in the unfortunate event the homeowner defaults […]

Why Mortgage Pre-Approval Matters

Written by Jason Nelson on December 14, 2017
mortgage pre-approval

Contrary to popular belief, the homebuying process starts in a lender’s office, not in an open house or real estate book. Many homebuyers are confused with the difference in terms between pre-qualified and pre-approved. Pre-qualified is the first step in the lending process. This step determines how much of a mortgage you, as the homebuyer, […]

3 Tips to Finding a Rockstar Realtor

Written by Jason Nelson on November 27, 2017
finding a realtor

Purchasing a home requires some serious legwork! Having the best realtor by your side is essential. You need someone you can trust to assist you in finding the most important facet of your life, your home (second only to your family, of course). Think on the memories and holidays that will be shared inside the […]

Three Financial Benefits of Being a First Time Homebuyer

Written by Jason Nelson on November 16, 2017
first time homebuyer

Being a first time homebuyer can be quite advantageous!  The reasons compose a long list: from putting down familial roots to investing into a long-term asset. It is one of the most profitable actions of a homeowner’s financial future. First-time homebuyers are usually at the beginning steps of becoming financially established. With this thought in […]

The Mortgage Process: Setting Expectations

Written by Jason Nelson on October 30, 2017
Mortgage Process

For many first-time homebuyers, finding and buying a home is an exciting, though equally scary prospect. That’s because buying a home is often a step toward the unknown. As getting a mortgage is an essential part of buying a home, here is a succinct step-by-step guide to the mortgage process. Mortgage pre-approval Getting pre-approved for […]