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Grants & Programs For The Florida First Time Home Buyers

Written by Jason Nelson on August 10, 2015
first time homebuyer

Every single state across the US makes available a variety of homeownership assistance programs for first time home buyers. Florida is no exception. Since property prices are rebounding due to high demand and low levels of housing inventory in the Sunshine State, finding a program that can improve the chances of purchasing and closing on […]

Expense Checklist For The Florida First Time Home Buyer

Written by Jason Nelson on August 3, 2015
checklist for your mortgage

As stressful, overwhelming, and intimidating as it can be, buying property in Florida is definitely an exhilarating experience for a Florida first time home buyer who has been imagining his dream home for years. Since many people get caught up in the euphoria of buying their first home and overlook the costs involved, our experienced mortgage […]

3 Ways To Save As A First Time Home Buyer

Written by Jason Nelson on July 13, 2015
Saving for a House

Buying a home remains one of the most important investments a person will ever make in his life. Since not all of us have the money to buy a property without taking out a home loan, most home buyers end up spending a lot on the interest rate, insurance, and taxes. What these people don’t […]

5 Things You Should Know When Getting A Home Appraisal

Written by Jason Nelson on July 7, 2015
Home Inspection

Most people who intend to buy a property have a set price in mind. However, the value of a home doesn’t depend on a buyer’s offer or on the asking price, but on the home appraisal done by a qualified professional. To determine the value of a property, an appraiser must assess the condition of […]

How to Calculate PMI on a Conventional Loan

Written by Jason Nelson on June 25, 2015
How to calculate your mortgage PMI

Though private mortgage insurance (PMI) implies additional costs, it can help people purchase a home without saving a lot of money for the down payment or depleting their emergency fund. Since insurance is an important part of a loan agreement, we’ll use this post to explain how to calculate PMI on a conventional loan. Before […]